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firstBible International
Bible Translation & Publication
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No Work is more Strategic.
No Task is more Urgent.
No Message is more Relevant.
No Goal is more Attainable.

firstBible International is a Bible Translating and Publishing Ministry with a Three-Fold Goal:

  • Bible Publishing

    We contend that neither church planting nor national training can be done effectively until we have a Bible in the heart language of the people we are trying to reach.
  • National Training

    A successful church-planting movement will only be accomplished through trained nationals and the Bible is a necessary part of such training.
  • Church Planting

    We believe this is God's plan for propagating the gospel and the ultimate goal and purpose of Bible Translation.
First Baptist Church

First Baptist

Bearing Precious Seed is a ministry of First Baptist Church, of Milford, OH. Dr. Bill Duttry, Senior Pastor.



Bearing Precious Seed is a local church Scripture printing ministry established in 1973.



BPS/Seedline is a means for the local church to have hands on involvement with Bible publishing for the world.

El Paso

El Paso

Missions trip opportunities involving the assembling of God's Word and distributing it to the lost in Mexico and the Navajo Nation.

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firstBible International
1369 Woodville Pike
Milford, OH 45150

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