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firstBible International
A Biblical Approach to the 10/40 Window
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No Work is more Strategic.
No Task is more Urgent.
No Message is more Relevant.
No Goal is more Attainable.

India Review

firstBible International is a Bible Translating and Publishing Ministry with a Three-Fold Goal:

  • Bible Publishing

    We contend that neither church planting nor national training can be done effectively until we have a Bible in the heart language of the people we are trying to reach.
  • National Training

    A successful church-planting movement will only be accomplished through trained nationals and the Bible is a necessary part of such training.
  • Church Planting

    We believe this is God's plan for propagating the gospel and the ultimate goal and purpose of Bible Translation.

Latest News

  • firstBible International desires to provide a Bibleless people group with a reliable first Bible. Once that goal is accomplished , our next desire is to reproduce that Bible so that each individual within that people group has his first Bible. In November, by the grace of God, the Thadou people of Northeast India received their first reliable copies of the New Testament. Here is a testimony from one of the national pastors:

    We do not have adequate words to express our joy and gratitude to you for providing Authorized version of New Testament in Thadou. On behalf of the Thadou people and churches, I want to say Thank You and we praise God for His marvelous work through Trinitarian Bible Society and firstBible International.

    Would you help us? We are currently raising funds to print an additional 10,000 Thadou New Testaments to expand our reach into this people group. For every $2.00 given, firstBible can provide one New Testament for the Thadou speaking people.

  • I am thrilled to have been able to have come to know Dr. Keen and Bro. Dale Money. I have enjoyed serving the Lord together with them. I am leaving to India on July 17, 2014 and will be buying Punjabi Bibles for a pastor in the northwestern part of the subcontinent. We are looking to provide them with 400 New Testaments and 250 full Bibles. This will be a wonderful blessing to them as the folks that are led to the Lord may or may not be able to purchase Bibles. I want to thank firstBible for providing an opportunity for the individuals who get saved in this part of India to have their FIRST BIBLE in their own language. The city I will be visiting is 2 hours away from the Pakistan border. This makes the location of this church to be unique. This strategic location will be a blessing to get the gospel into all the neighboring countries. Glory to God!
      With a grateful heart,
      Dr. Richard Jacob
      Impact International
  • We are currently working on a translation project. We are translating the book "Bible Truth for New Believers" into Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, Mongolian, Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri. Please consider making a donation belowto help us complete this project.Click image to view larger.
  • One of the three goals of firstBible is to train nationals for the purpose of church planting. The difficulty in working in the "10/40 Window" is the lack of solid biblical material printed in their language. The solution to this hurdle is to find sound biblical material in English, acquire permission to reproduce material, and then have the material translated in the language of the people. Recently we gained permission to translate the Bible Truth Book written by Byron Foxx and Scott Hooks. this 32-page book for new believers is currently being translated in three languages: Hindi (300 million speakers), Bhojpuri (90 million speakers), and Urdu (105 million speakers). We are also investigating the opportunity to translate it in Eastern and Western Armenian and Hungarian. A special thanks to Graham Road Baptist Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Bible Baptist Church in Mason, Ohio, and University Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia who have given to fund these projects.
  • firstBible International and Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) are partnering together on the Amharic New Testament project. The Amharic book of John has been completed and plans have been made to start the entire New Testament. This project will give willing churches an opportunity to be financially involved in the groundwork of translation. The cost of the endeavor will total $70,000. If you would like to be involved, please contact us at 513-575-1706.
  • fBI has committed to print 10,000 Armenian Bibles that will be shipped and distributed among Armenian churches. TBS just finished the final checks on the Armenian Bible and have sent them to BPS to be printed. We currently have the funds for the paper, but still need to raise the additional funds to print and bind these Bibles. The total still needed is $55,000. Could you help supply Bibles for the churches in Armenia?Click image to view larger.
  • Please pray for an upcoming trip to Northeast India. Two of our fBI families (Johnsons and Siekberts) will host a fall National Training Meeting that starts October 19. Some of the subjects included are Baptist Distinctives, Bible Doctrine, Evangelism, Discipleship, First-Century Church, and the Woman's Role in the Church. By sending veteran missionary couples, it allows not only the men to receive the training they need, but their wives benefit as well.
  • mongolia-smlThe firstBible print shop in Mongolia has been in existence since 2006. Recently we were able to purchase a trimmer/folder unit that will greatly help our production as we anticipate the completion of the Mongolian New Testament. Other future goals include the expansion of our shop and the purchase of a larger press.Click image to view larger.
  • BPS has just printed the Japanese John and Romans for the first time. Total production 100,000! We praise the Lord for the opportunity to publish His Word for the lost world! Click image to view larger.
First Baptist Church

First Baptist

Bearing Precious Seed is a ministry of First Baptist Church, of Milford, OH. Dr. Bill Duttry, Senior Pastor.



Bearing Precious Seed is a local church Scripture printing ministry established in 1973.



BPS/Seedline is a means for the local church to have hands on involvement with Bible publishing for the world.

El Paso

El Paso

Missions trip opportunities involving the assembling of God's Word and distributing it to the lost in Mexico and the Navajo Nation.

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